Silkskin Pillowcase

I’ve just moved to London, and have spent the past few days trying to absorb as much of the city as I can.  Of course this involves visiting lots of shops, and Harvey Nichols was high on my list, as I’ve actually never been there before. I had a beautiful walk from Kensington High Street along  Hyde Park and past the Royal Albert Hall. Harvey Nick’s definitely didn’t disappoint – I was particularly impressed by the fact that there’s a guy in a top hat who opens the door for you. How sweet is that? Ok, so, onto my purchase…


Having very curly, frizzy and thick hair, I encounter seemingly endless issues when it comes to putting my damn head on a pillow and waking up with my style intact. Apart from a couple of lucky mornings where I must have somehow risen from the bed and slept in the air, my curls are always destroyed come morning. Which is frustrating because it takes three hours for my hair to be anywhere near dry after I wash it, plus if I wash it more than every four days it turns into a haystack. That’s where this bad boy comes in…


Those are some pretty lofty claims right there on that packaging. Lofty and a little exciting – though to their credit I don’t think I’ve ever actually been frizz free so I won’t be holding them to it too strictly. All I want is to wake up with hair isn’t framed by a massive floppy halo. As for the pillow itself, I love it. It has a really interesting feel to it – nothing like a normal silk pillow where you feel sweaty and like you’re about to slide off it all the time. It feels a lot more like cotton, or (and trust me, this is actually not as weird as it sounds) like really, really soft skin. I guess that’s where the name comes from! It doesn’t make you feel sweaty at all, and when I woke up my skin felt great, really soft and a lot calmer than normal.


As for my hair – I am impressed. Even though it had been blown around all day in the wind and then frizzed up in a club all night, I still woke up with soft curls, and MUCH less frizz than I would have done normally. I’m looking forward to seeing how my skin and hair get on as I keep sleeping on it! I really recommend it to anyone who wants to improve the condition of their skin and hair, especially if, like mine, yours can be quite high-maintenance.


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