A walk in spring rain on Easter Sunday

I’m not religious in the slightest – but here, Easter is relevant. Today I got to walk through an almost deserted central London, take photos at my leisure and enjoy the sound of rain clattering on my umbrella, and cleansing the air.


I think I must be a plant – while I enjoy the sun and feel better for being out in it, I can’t go for too long without rain. I start to feel a strange kind of sadness, almost limpness like a flower that’s been in a vase for too long. I long for the sound of rain hitting a window, whipping up cold air around me, slashing like razors into exposed flesh or hitting hot tarmac and creating the wonderful smell of summer rain. Anything, I don’t care what kind of rain it is, it just puts me at ease. I’ve always been this way, I don’t know why or what causes it.


I was walking through Golden Square near Piccadilly when I saw all of these gorgeous flowers. It was basically deserted, so I could really enjoy them and try to take some good photos. I love this tulip, isn’t it incredible? Not being religious, I forgot that most shops are shut today, so I decided to take my time.  My original plan had been to buy stuff for my new flat, but that’s going to have to wait!


I’m glad I got the chance to have a good look at these flowers. I think plants look beautiful in the sun, but there’s something lovely about them being covered in reflective raindrops, bathed in the soft light of a cloudy sky.

Anyway, happy easter if that’s your sort of thing, and happy chocolate eating if its not.


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