Amazon Rainforest Memories

Maybe it was the sudden burst of rain this afternoon, or maybe it was the fact that I’m finally getting back into writing my book (that’s set in the rainforest), but today I couldn’t get the jungle out of my mind. I had such a life changing time there, and while I wasn’t there for as long as a lot of people, it’s stuck with me as one of the best things I’ve ever done. I want to share some videos from the charity I volunteered with, because they’re actually really nice to watch.

The bit at the start, where we’re pushing the boat, was so exhilarating – the boat ran aground on rocks in the middle of the river, and we had to push it off. That and swinging across the river on that vine* are two of many favourite memories.

This video demonstrates some of the activities volunteers help with – much of it was assisting researchers with various projects, as well as helping with the community projects that aim to establish sustainable practices in the Amazon Rainforest. There’s always something extra going on too – they’re clearing out a swamp in the video, but when I was there we were building a blind (a place to hide while watching birds) our of caña brava.

Finally, I want to show you this incredible, award winning short film. Reynaldo – Rainforest Hero has won ‘Best Film’ in three short film festivals, including one by the UN, and with good reason. It’s a beautiful, inspiring story about sustainability, and living in harmony with the forest.

I’m planning to write more about the rainforest, the things I did, saw and learned. As well as pictures, of course. I hope that’s something you’d enjoy!

*That’s not me in the video, I was already safely across!


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