Bioré Skincare Review

The last time I ordered something from ASOS I received two Bioré samples with my clothes. They were a brand I hadn’t tought about for a while, and so I eagerly set about trying these two new/reformulated products. There was a £1 off voucher in there too, so off I went to Boots to see what other products I could try.


In sample form I got an Ultra Nose Strip – you know, their famous and fun strips that you use to pull the grime out. I love them, how could anyone not. I found it very effective, and they’ve added menthol it seems, so the skin is left feeling lively and refreshed afterwards. I also got some Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. This uses charcoal to draw impurities out, and leave the skin super clean. I used it once a day, washing with my regular Jurlique cleanser the rest of the time.


It starts off as a black gel, and smells very nice indeed. It has a mild tea tree/witch hazel scent, and as you use it the tingle of menthol really refreshes. My skin felt clean, fresh and it definitely looked clearer after I’d used this for a while. It’s really good. I probably won’t switch to this, just because I love my Jurlique cleanser so much, and my skin isn’t that congested so I probably don’t need to use it every day. But if you do, I’d recommend it.


This is the product I bought with my voucher (I got some Ultra Nose Strips too but I imagine you all already know what those look like). It’s the Self Heating One Minute Mask, which comes in single use sachets, a sensible way of storing this kind of product as I think it reacts with air.


You just tear one of these open and spread it over your face, before massaging it in for one minute and rinsing off.

IMG_3727 …hello…

The thing I really liked about this is (if you’re still reading after seeing that ludicrous photo) that the mask gets much hotter than these ones normally do, and so it really felt like it was opening and clearing out my pores. My skin felt so fresh and tingly after I used it, and I could really see that my pores were clearer. It’s not often you can see the effect of something like this so quickly, which means this really is a great product. Well done with your reformulating, Bioré!


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