REN Micro Polish Cleanser

I’m always drawn to products with papaya extract in them – whilst they can be irritating to some, I’ve found my skin has improved so much since I started using them. So when I decided to up my exfoliation game with a new scrub, REN’s Micro Polish Cleanser, with amber granules, gylcolic acid from pineapple and papain from papaya was an instant yes. IMG_6355 It looks like I made the right choice, because I loved it so much I felt compelled to literally draw it a picture. This scrub does not mess around. It’s a gorgeous creamy consistency, with gentle exfoliation from the granules. I wouldn’t say this is a gentle product, but the granules definitely don’t give me that ‘Wow am I actually bleeding?’ feeling, which is nice! And the scent is beyond gorgeous – tangerine, orange blossom and grapefruit. It’s a gorgeous citrusy scent that makes it perfect for waking up in the morning.


I use it in the evening though because I like to pile on my moisturiser afterwards to give my skin a real treat, and when your moisturiser is a pure oil you can’t really apply a faceful of makeup and trot out the door. Anyway, using it in the evening  is still great – the scent gives you a lovely sensation of lifting the day away. My skin really does look brighter and smoother since I’ve been using this. I really think that most people need a bit of physical exfoliation occasionally, and using this twice a week has given my skin a serious boost. It flaked a bit after the first use – I had a sample that lasted for three uses – but after the second go my skin was absolutely LOVING it.


As you can see it’s a lovely creamy texture, that spreads evenly over the skin to distribute the amber granules, papain and glycolic acid. I adore it. REN’s Micro Polish Cleanser is it’s perfect for the warmer months as it deeply cleanses, restores radiance and provides a beautiful uplifting sensation, for both your skin and your nose.


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