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Two months ago, I discovered my holy grail. Not skincare, not hair care, not make-up. My holy grail? Five pairs of period underwear that make me feel sexy, comfortable and confident. These pant(ie)s have changed the way I feel about my period, and I honestly believe they are the best investment I could ever have made for myself.

Also…I would never in a million years have expected to be posting a picture of me in my underwear on this blog, but that just goes to show how amazing Thinx underwear make me feel. Read on to find out why!


I’ve always been very forward about periods – I don’t find them disgusting and have never felt embarrassed by them. When I started my dad was the first person I told, and he reacted with pride. I cannot express how important that was, his joyously positive response to something that women are shamed for and silenced about. It taught me not to accept men’s immaturity in the face of a bleeding vagina, and to question phrases like ‘oh my god don’t make period jokes that’s disgusting’. I think this is one of the reasons I’m so annoyed by the lack of options when it comes to sanitary products, and allow myself to loathe both pads and tampons.

For a long time, I used a Mooncup, which I loved. However I’ve had an IUD for a year and was told by both my doctors and the Mooncup team that using a cup in conjunction with an IUD is a bit squiffy – so the cup went back into its box, and I went back to using pads. I never use tampons because my flow isn’t heavy enough and it’s like lighting a match EVERY SINGLE TIME I take one out… but after a while I got sick of pads, especially since discovering that the only brand I actually liked now puts perfume in all their products (really, Always?) So I started looking for an alternative.

And that’s when I discovered Thinx. Made of four ingenious layers of absorbent, antimicrobial, leak-resistant and moisture-wicking fabrics as well as an incredible design that just fits PERFECTLY, Thinx underwear come in six styles that can hold up to TWO tampons worth of blood! The level of absorbency varies depending on the style. As you can imagine, the hiphugger holds a lot more than the thong, so you can choose your pants based on your own flow. I bought five pairs of hiphuggers because I decided to use them without anything else, and I thought the style looked really comfy. Thinx recommend that you use them with tampons or a cup, but also stress that you know your own flow, and if you think it’s light enough to go it alone, that’s up to you.


I went with the large size, which is bigger than I would usually buy in the UK (I’m a 12, sometimes even a 10) but about right for American undies – genuinely I think they make them differently as I’ve bought medium size underwear in Peru, New York and Toronto and they’ve ALL been to small! Anyway, large fits PERFECTLY. Despite being thicker than normal underwear, it doesn’t feel like you’re sitting in a knicker-sized sanitary pad. It does feel different, but not uncomfortable, or even noticeable after a few minutes.

It’s amazing to just be able to get up in the morning and simply pull on some underwear, without having to worry about packing enough pads for the day. To be able to wear my skinniest jeans, and to be wearing underwear that I actually like! Washing them is so easy too. You rinse the top layer of blood off at the end of the day in cold water, and then pop them in a cold delicates wash with natural detergent (I use Ecover’s Delicate Laundry Detergent) along with all your other underwear and delicates.

Thinx are more than just an amazing underwear company though. Their factory in Sri Lanka is a family run company that is committed to training and educating their female employees so that that they can become empowered leaders in the community. Thinx ALSO contribute some of their profits to ARFIpads, an organisation that trains women in developing countries to sew reusable sanitary pads. They sell these pads to girls in their communities who are then able to attend school whilst menstruating, something that they wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

In total my pants took me to about £100, which I was completely happy with to be honest. Yeah they’re not cheap, but the technology, ethics, the comfort, confidence and convenience make them more than worth the investment. Take a look at their amazing range here.


21 thoughts on “Thinx: Period Underwear

  1. First of, that is a STELLAR photograph and Thinx should sign you on as a model! Also THANK YOU for this review – I’ve read others but always been mystified as to “how do you wash them?!?” I love the company’s politics and charity work as well! Great post!

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  2. Wow! I’ve heard of these before and I’m absolutely intrigued; I don’t like using tampons, haven’t really bothered with a Mooncup yet, and I’m really annoyed with the wastage I have with pads. Might give these a go. 😀


  3. THANK YOU!! Seriously, I’ve been trying to find something new! I’m the same way with tampons! I do have a question however, if you’re wearing the pair the whole day without changing, is there a mild odor that you’ve noticed? Love the picture also!


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  5. Hey lovely! It’s safe to use a menstrual cup with an IUD – you just need to make sure your strings are trimmed and to release the suction of the cup before trying to pull the cup down. I do this by pushing my finger alongside the cup. Have you ever tried other brands of menstrual cup? I always found the MC to be a very low capacity. I really rate the Lunette, Lena and JuJu cups.

    I’m glad you’re getting on with your Thinx. The company themselves aren’t as lovely as they seem, though. When they launched, you may have seen they were doing referal codes, and each time someone used your code to purchase, you made money to spend on the knickers. Well, they suddenly scrapped it, meaning all of the bloggers who had worked so hard promoting them, and earning well earned money, got screwed over. They also don’t donate their own Thinx undies to the girls in Africa like we were led to believe. I’ve held off buying them because of these which is a shame as they look lovely. I personally love the Lunapanties by Lunapads and I may well try some Dear Kate undies, too.

    You look fantastic, by the way.

    Tamsin xx


    • Hi lovely, thank you, I do know that’s it’s possible to use a cup with an IUD I’m just personally not comfortable with it at all. I was told the same thing as you said, and that constitutes as ‘squiffy’ in my mind!

      It doesn’t surprise me at all that a startup like this would have to stop their affiliate programme as income and costs can be very unpredictable. Perhaps they did it for selfish reasons, but it could have been that they simply couldn’t afford it. I wouldn’t want to speculate, do you have any info on it?

      I don’t remember reading anywhere that they donate their underwear, did they say that? On their website (and in this post btw) it says they donate money to a charity that trains women to sew and sell reusable pads, not even underwear. Anyway, I’m still happy with them as a brand, but thanks for your comment, great to have differing opinions! Not that I have many readers but now they can see two sides to the story. 😊 xx


      • Ah sorry I misread, I thought they told you it was a bad idea. Thinx were contacted several times by bloggers who expressed their concern over the whole referall programme and Thinx ignored those emails. Put A Cup In It/ Dirty Diaper Laundry was one of those bloggers – just type it into google, it should come up.

        Yeah they did at the very beginning. That’s probably why they now support AfriPads. I think the product looks fab and I am so glad you like them. Just saddens me how they screwed over the very people that actually caused their biz to grow xx


      • Ah you’re right it’s not that clear – I’ll reword!

        I’ll check her blog out, thank you! Hopefully was just some new business kinks they needed to work out, but I’ll definitely keep a closer eye on them now, and will most likely invest in one of the brands you mentioned if they do anything else dodgy xx


      • I hate to mention anything negative to ppl about brands they like, incase they think I am being a pain. I just thought you should know as a blogger, how they screwed others over. The person from Put A Cup In It did actually suggest an affiliate scheme for the bloggers promoting them, and the rate she suggested was SO much lower than the referall offer Thinx was offering. So you’d have thought they’d listen and use that to their advantage. Hundreds of dollars lost. Very sad. It’s frustrating bcos I really want to try the lol xx


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