How to go anti-perspirant free!

I stopped using anti-perspirant about three years ago now, and I will NEVER go back. I made the choice because I didn’t like the idea that I was blocking a natural process. I can see that it might seem like the kind of thing only inconsiderate ‘hippies’ might go in for. Well, I am a bit of a hippy, but that doesn’t mean I’m inconsiderate, because the thing is, going perspirant free does not increase the number of times I get body odour! Read on to find out how I keep myself smelling nice without stopping my body doing what it needs to do.


How to keep body odour at bay without anti-perspirant

  1. Use a good deodorant. Of course, going anti-perspirant free doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a good, natural deo. I’ve tried them all, and for my everyday, morning application I love PitRok and Salt of the Earth. I use PitRok if I’m not showering, but if I do shower I use Salt of the Earth which needs to be used on wet skin (or wetted before use). These both do an amazing job and I often find they last all day. 
  2. Keep underarm hair sweet. If you’ve decided to dump the razor as well as the anti-persp, I have one great tip for how to help yourself feel more confident with your newfound armpit hair, and that’s to look after it. Apply a scented oil or balm like Lush’s Elbow Grease and your armpit hair will be smelling like a fresh bouquet all day. You can’t beat it.
  3. Re-deodorise at your desk. Whatever your job, you will find that occasionally you have some odour to cover up. This can easily be sorted out with Weleda Sage Deodorant, which eliminates odour in seconds, and lasts for ages. If your job is less sedentary than mine, you may have to do it more often, but to be honest I walk (briskly) two hours a day and my boyfriend cycles to work and works on his feet and neither of us have ever had a problem that Sage Deo couldn’t fix.
  4. Nighttime protection. This is an important one for the summer. If you start to smell at night because you’re entwined in sweaty sheets (or a sweaty significant other) it’s very likely that some BO will set in overnight and be really difficult to shift come morning. You can prevent this with a sprinkling of dusting powder before bed – Lush’s Silky Underwear is my all time fave though they have others, some of which I think are actually designed to combat odour!

So, there are my tips! As I mentioned, I don’t have a hugely active lifestyle (I don’t work on a building site) but I do exercise and I do walk a lot to and from work, and this routine works perfectly for me.

Are you thinking of going anti-perspirant free? Or have you already done it and have your own fave products? Let me know in the comments!



5 thoughts on “How to go anti-perspirant free!

  1. I’m with you on this – I’ve done so for as long as I can remember (my mother is a big natural skincare fan l o l)… I can’t imagine ever going back to anti-persp especially those in the drug store and heavily scented! I also use Salt of the Earth – brilliant little stick, particularly for traveling as it’s not liquid either 😉 I *love* the La Vanilla stick and am currently using the Jason apricot one! I’m super intrigued by the Weleda one you mention as I love all their products in general, and the whole odor-free aspect is pretty attractive, ofc!

    Cherie | sinonym


  2. This was a great read! I have been struggling with the idea of going anti-perspirant free for a few years now. For two reasons, I hate what the drugstore deodorants do to your body and I hate the stains the chemicals leave on my clothes. The reason I have not done it yet is because I do sweat a lot under my armpits. And I don’t want to have to use multiple things during the day to make sure I don’t stink. But, I am definitely going to try the Salt of The Earth deodorant and you convinced me to buy Silky Underwear that I have been eyeing for a while now.


  3. I got a sample of Soapwalla’s citrus deodorant cream ( at work and it’s awesome! A bit pricey but it goes a long way, also, it feels like lemon cupcake frosting in your armpits. I love it because my skin is sensitive but STINKY and the natural deodorant I use in winter that works fine just taps OUT and stops working for me in summer. Soapwalla is my new splurge beauty care product.


    • Holy crap that looks amazing! I bet it smells incredible. I tried an Aesop deodorant today and it smelled like heaven but it was like £30?! Madness. I just found a UK stockist of this Soapwalla stuff, definitely checking it out! xx


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