My favourite summer body care

So after the week from hell (not in a bad way, in a literal temperature way) I thought I’d quickly share some of my favourite warm weather bodycare products, incase you were looking for an excuse to spend a few more pennies this summer 🙂


To cool down in the shower, you actually cannot beat Korres’ Bergamot Pear Shower Gel. I’ve blogged about this before and I can honestly say it’s still my favourite. The scent is so uplifting, refreshing and sweet that it just leaves you feeling completely restored after a long, hot day. It foams up wonderfully to really leave you feeling clean, but the formula is nourishing and gentle too, I’ve even used it when I have sunburn! For £8, you will not find a better summer shower gel, and they do 2 for 1 offers on them all the time too, check it out!

Hei Poa 1000 Flower Monoï Oil is fast becoming my favourite body moisturiser. The scent is tropical to the extreme – I genuinely feel like I’m cocooned in a rainforest paradise every time I put this on. Now, I am a huge fan of body oils and don’t like creams much at all. I know body oil in the summer isn’t for everyone, but if you’re open to intense nourishment and silky smooth skin, I beg you to try this. Hei Poa don’t seem to have launched in the UK yet but you can get it from Cocoon Centre (who I’ve used before and can vouch for!) for around £7.

Silky Underwear is a lifesaver for summer in SO many ways. The heady scent is summery and luxurious, and the soft powder sinks into the skin so easily. It can be used to prevent thigh rub, on your underarms before bed (I like to do this on really hot nights so I don’t smell when I wake up), and even as a moisturiser because of it’s high cocoa butter content. And of course, you can use it in your pants if you wanna 😉 I’ve repurchased countless times, get it from your local Lush, or online here for £4.95


Lastly, a new discovery for me – Caudalie Grape Water. This water spray contains polysaccharides and has been clinically proven to increase skin hydration by 127%. It is also the most refreshing water spray I’ve ever used – and I used it a LOT this week! I highly recommend keeping a can of this in your bag, on your desk and by your bed during summer. I like to spray it on the back of my neck and on my legs. Refreshing perfection. Get it here for £6

What are your summer essentials? Leave me some recommendations in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “My favourite summer body care

  1. Wonderful picks! I love Korres too, but haven’t tried the pear one. Need to get me some bargains 😉 I usually use a lighter body moisturiser for summer and I just love the ease of the Nuxe Prodigeuse Oil! Spray and you’re done, that’s what I’m all about. I haven’t heard about the Lush one before, but definitely checking it out now…

    Ooh and for facial mists, I have the Avene one, a firm favourite… also my trusty Innisfree Jeju sparking mineral mist is good for all seasons 🙂

    Cherie | sinonym


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