My favourite uses for Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap

I’ve used Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap on and off for a good few years now so I thought it was time to share a few of my favourite uses. My favourite scent is the Rose one, although I also really recommend Green Tea and Lavender!


  1. Cleaning makeup brushes – nothing gets my brushes cleaner or softer! And it takes absolutely no effort, which is always a bonus. I also use it for washing my hands after applying foundation, and washing anything I might accidentally smear make-up on (you know those mornings where you accidentally drop foundation on a skirt and it ruins your life?)
  2. Cleaning your makeup – I can’t be the only one who proudly admires their fresh tube/compact/bottles of makeup only to end up with foundation slathered over them after one rushed application. The black caps of my NARS products always look hideous for this reason, but I found that if you either wash them with Dr Bronner’s or put some on a damp tissue and wipe, it comes straight off. See the evidence here. They didn’t look like that ten minutes before I took the photos….
  3. Hand soap – I have extremely dry hands. I get eczema in the winter or when I’m stressed, and I have an MH issue that leads me to wash my hands a lot too. So I’ve always struggled with what soap to use. Ever since we filled our soap dispensers up with Dr Bronner’s, I barely ever have to use hand cream. It has been a revelation.
  4. Getting rid of onion/garlic smell – My partner and I cook most nights and tbh, the smell of onions or garlic getting stuck to my hands all the time was really starting to annoy me. Dr Bronner’s Soap is the only thing that gets it off easily.
  5. Cleaning stains out of carpet – Our rug is cream coloured (it was £80 and it’s 3 metres long, so I tolerate this massive design flaw) and we seem to get stuff on it on a weekly basis. Rubbing the stain with a damp cloth covered in Dr Bronner’s gets pretty much anything out.
  6. Grease – My boyfriend cycles to work so gets pollution and grease on everything all the time, despite his best efforts. To date, we are yet to find anything that the soap can’t clean his grubby fingerprints, smears and splotches off of. Since London isn’t going to become less polluted anytime soon (thanks a bunch, 52% of the population) Dr Bronner’s has been a lifesaver for us.
  7. Travelling – At home, my boyfriend and I absolutely love having 500 shower gels, shampoos and soaps to play with. But when we travel we like to keep it as simple as possible, and Dr Bronner’s is perfect for cutting out about 3-5 (depending on what we’d need to bring otherwise) products from our washbag…and I just found our that if we ever want to go really ‘hardcore traveller’, we could even use it as toothpaste (yes, really!)

So there are a few favourite uses! Have you ever used Dr Bronner’s before? What are your favourite tips? Tell me in the comments! If you haven’t tried this awesome, afforable and natural soap yet, what are you waiting for? Get all the different sizes and scents on Look Fantastic – link

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