Knixwear: The Most Empowering Bras In The World! #ad

The topic of bras has always been a bit of a minefield for feminists, and it’s not hard to see why. Bras are often uncomfortable, horrendously impractical and outrageously expensive. So much focus is given to how bras (and the breasts in them) look, that most companies seem to have forgotten that the people wearing them have ribcages, plain t-shirts and active daily routines. It’s difficult to know what to do, when you know that this happens because of the objectification of women, but you also know that you need the support of a proper bra. Or it was, until an amazing brand popped up in Canada and changed everything…

Knixwear is a feminist company that makes bras, pants, loungewear and tank tops designed with actual human women in mind. Their products are extremely comfortable, flexible, and made to fit a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They move with you, instead of constraining you, which is something all clothes should do, but thanks to sexism, throughout history, women’s clothes never truly have.


Knix very kindly sent me their signature 8-in-1 Evolution Bras to try out, and I have to say that it delivered on every single claim they make. They began with a mission to make ‘the most comfortable bra ever’ and I really do believe it is. It’s so comfortable I keep forgetting I’m wearing it! The support is effective, but subtle; it doesn’t push your cleavage up under your chin, but it keeps everything right where it should be – for me the shape it gives is like a firmer, higher version of my natural breast shape, which I really love. The bra is reversible, seamless and wireless, but because of the brilliantly engineered material, it still has ‘cups’ so you don’t get that annoying single-boob look of other non-wired, crop top bras. You can run for a bus in it, you can bend forward in it; everything stays just where it should. I even tested it out in Yoga sessions and it performed flawlessly. Wearing this bra, I do feel truly empowered because I know it was made specifically to meet my needs, as a human being with a pair of breasts.


Not only does Knix prove itself by selling the most comfortable bra in the world, you can see their empowering ideals shine through in all the products they make. You can get a pair of thigh savers to beat the chafe, leak-proof underwear that looks exactly the same as normal underwear and super comfy looking loungewear with POCKETS!! …Everything in their range looks fantastic, is there to make women’s lives more comfortable, and to make underwear shopping a fuss-free experience.


So there you have it, I’ve actually found a bra that makes me feel like a valued human being, and to me, that’s true empowerment. No more angry red marks around my breasts at the end of the day. No more tight shoulders. No more boob sweat. No more underwire (!!!) No more poking my ribs as soon as I sit down. Hello to comfort, real support, and never having to think about how irritating my bra is ever again. Hello Knixwear!!!

This post was very kindly sponsored by Knixwear but every opinion expressed is my own. 


5 thoughts on “Knixwear: The Most Empowering Bras In The World! #ad

  1. That looks good and they way you’ve described it makes me want to try this out. I’ve had a look at the website and it was difficult to make out the sizing: your description is much better and I’ll be buying the same. Thanks!


    • Oh I know what you mean, I was really confused! I’m generally a UK 30F and I’m wearing the size 4 in these photos. I hope that helps! If you email their customer service they will be happy to advise too, they helped me out as well 🙂


  2. I like your post, I just wish Knixwear came in larger cup sizes. I tried some in a size 6 (I am a 34H US), but they didn’t’ fit and when I contacted them, they said they don’t have my size (“We don’t currently offer a bra that would be a good fit for your cup size. Our largest cup size is intended to fit an E cup.”). 😦 They were really easy to work with and I was able to return the bras, I am just bummed because it does sound like a great company and the bras would have been great if I weren’t spilling out of them. Do you know of any other companies like Knixwear? Right now I am waiting for a maternity bra to arrive in the mail, even though I don’t have kids, because I don’t think Knixwear and companies like them make bras for larger cup sizes (cup G, H, etc). Bummer. I wish bra shopping wasn’t so hard.


    • Oh I’m super sorry to hear that! I hope they start making them for your size soon too 😦 I’m afraid I don’t know of any other brands, part of why I was so happy to find knixwear was that it was the first I’d ever come across! I hope you find something that works for you xx

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