Klorane Eye Make-Up Remover


Say hello to my new best friend, Klorane Floral Lotion Eye Make-Up Remover.* What I thought was going to be a pretty standard cleansing product has turned out to be the only thing I can guarantee won’t irritate or sting my eyes, no matter what’s wrong with them (I get eczema and styes frequently, as well as constant sensitivity). As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also incredibly effective at actually removing mascara and eyeshadow, so it’s not like most other gentle eye products, that don’t irritate but don’t do anything else either. I absolutely adore this stuff!

The ingredients list is short, which is probably one of the reasons why it’s so good. The other is probably the high concentration of cornflower extract. This lovely little herbal flower has been used for centuries to treat eye problems because of some compounds in it called ‘anthocyanins’ which are anti-inflammatory antioxidants. Cornflower extract therefore helps with puffiness and itchiness, as well as the effects of pollution – tiredness and premature ageing. There’s another ingredient called butylene glycol, which is an organic alcohol which helps to preserve products but also helps to improve absorption of other compounds – therefore ensuring your eyes get as much cornflower goodness as possible.


The texture of the Eye Make-up Remover is gorgeous. A soft water, it’s much less oily than many make-up removers so doesn’t leave your eyes feeling heavy or sticky – in fact, it’s very refreshing and cooling. I always remove my make-up removers (hah) with a thermal water spray, but I can imagine this would feel lovely if you left it on too. You can also keep it in the fridge (I got this tip off a man who worked for Klorane back in the 80’s so you know it’s good advice) to make it extra cooling and soothing.

It’s true that I don’t wear eye make-up very often, but when I do, I absolutely love how quick, easy and pleasant Klorane Eye Make-Up Remover is to use. Get it here – link