How to make a cosy home for winter

Almost as soon as the leaves start turning brown, my mind turns to thoughts of hearty, warming dinners, festive decor and long walks in the crisp winter air, followed by cosying up on the sofa for an evening of comfort and joy. I love winter so much, but I didn’t always. I used to find the darkness depressing, the coldness irritating – winter slowed things down in ways I couldn’t stand and left me miserable.

But a few years ago I started to realise that hating an entire season is no way to live – if you’re in a temperate climate like I am, it makes up a quarter of your life. It’s easy to underestimate the power of making your home a warm, comforting space in the winter. But even animals do it – hibernation, digging warm burrows and sets, all to keep the raging cold outside, and their family warm inside. Making your home a seasonally-appropriate space helps encourage you to embrace the season you’re in. It’s been shown time and time again that embracing our local seasonal changes is so beneficial to our hearts and minds. That doesn’t mean to be cold all the time – you don’t embrace winter by literally letting winter into your home, don’t worry! Rather, it’s about doing wholesome, gentle things that keep the cold out in ways that feel natural to you – embracing the dark afternoons with candlelight, adorning your space with reminders that beauty exists all year round, coming home to a warm meal with loved ones. That’s what it means to embrace winter. So read on for some of the ideas I’ve collected over the years, on how to make your home a cosy space that will nourish your soul and eliminate the winter dread.

Bring nature inside

Whilst it might be a no-brainer to decorate your home with flowers and foliage in the spring and summer, how do you bring nature into your home when most of it has seemingly died back? Pinecones are one of my favourites – I love hunting for different varieties as there are SO many – from absolutely enormous ones that make audible ‘cracking’ sounds as they dry, to teeny tiny ones that remain attached to wizened fallen branches. Of course you can also buy pinecones from a shop, you don’t need to go skulking round an arboretum for them if you don’t have the time! I scatter them around, use them in garlands, and I also like to display them in bowls – I recently I bought an unglazed ceramic bowl shaped like a leaf which painted it in autumnal shades of brown and gold, and has become the perfect vessel for showing off my collection of pinecones. Other lovely pieces of nature that you can bring into your home in winter include stems of fir or pine trees (or you can just prune some off your Christmas tree if you have a real one) and branches of holly leaves – but handle with care! Another new discovery for me is branches of deciduous trees, such as the bright red of many dogwood species (Cornus sp.), the papery white of some birch species (Betula sp.), or beech branches (Fagus sylvatica) with the crunchy, rich brown leaves still attached. These branches all look absolutely stunning when woven into a wreath, or artfully arranged in a vase. I try to avoid anything with berries – although I have used them in my decorating before – as they do start to rot after a while, and if you have kids or pets obviously you don’t want to be bringing anything potentially poisonous but easily-eaten inside.

Start some cosy (but easy) crafting

Something that has brought me so much joy and satisfaction over the years is finding easy, cute crafts that I can do to keep my hands occupied while I watch festive films or listen to podcasts. Here are just a few that I’ve either already tried, or plan to try soon: Making no-knit decorative mini bobble hats, decorating pre-cut wooden baubles, adding touches of fake snow onto pinecones, painting holly leaves with gold, wrapping gifts in new and elaborate ways, making your own a seasonal wreath, dehydrating oranges for garlands, making your own candles or wax melts, learning new illustration techniques with a fineliner or on a tablet (for minimal cleanup). I have also been known to engage in somewhat larger-scale festive crafting, but that’ll have to wait for another blog post… my point here is that doing something creative, but not too taxing, is a perfect way to spend a cosy winter’s evening.

Move into the (half) light

The short days and long nights of winter sometimes leave me feeling like the sun barely came up at all, massively affecting my energy levels and mood. But something I realised is that trying to replace the daylight with bright overhead light doesn’t work nearly as well as embracing the gloom, and lighting my home with candles, Himalayan salt lamps, fairy lights, and other gentle lighting that bathes the room in a warm, natural glow, rather than harsh artificial light. It’s strange, but as soon as I embraced this gloom and glow style of lighting, my brain seemed more at ease and comfortable in my surroundings, making me more relaxed, less exhausted and moody. The one tall lamp I have has Wiz app-controlled lightbulbs in it so that I can easily control how much light we have in the room – I use the ‘candlelight’ option and turn the brightness down very low, which bathes the room in an unobtrusive, warm light that I can easily turn up if I need to see something. When we’re not watching the TV in the wintertime, we almost always have a fireplace video playing on the screen too – if you haven’t embraced that already, you simply must. It’s so lovely.

Make it fragrant

I’m a home fragrance nut. I simply cannot get enough of wax melts, reed diffusers and scented candles. Ever since I first developed this obsession, it’s added a new layer of excitement to the changing of the seasons, because it means I get to change over my wax melts! Two of my all time favourite wintery home fragrance products are the Pink Peppercorn & Jasmine scent from Sandwick Bay Candles*, and the Tinder Box scent from The Botanical Candle Co. Pink Peppercorn & Jasmine is sweet and warm, like a big fluffy blanket with a subtly spiced edge to it, while Tinder Box is equally as sweet and comforting, but with a woody earthiness, a romantic evocation of a crackling log fire. These extraordinarily well balanced, artisan fragrances last for such a long time in the wax melt form, and are the perfect level of intensity, easily filling an average sized living room with beautiful, wintery fragrance. They’re both available in candle and reed diffuser formats too!

Go exploring outdoors

I hinted at this in my introduction, but here’s where I want to talk more about how important it is to get outdoors in winter, and how a cosy home helps us to do that. Being out in nature reduces stress, gives us time to think, stretch the legs, and if the sun is shining, helps to top up vitamin D levels (though we should probably all be taking supplements for that anyway – here’s a link* to the one I use). I’m not one for ‘prescribing’ nature immersion as a treatment for mental illness or severe stress, because I know from experience that nature doesn’t cure depression, and if you’re overwhelmed you aren’t suddenly going to be able to cope after a walk in the outdoors. But it is true that being out in nature improves mood, reduces stress hormones, and I think, helps to give some clarity on life. We need that just as much in the wintertime as we do any other time of year. However, it’s also true that getting the motivation to go out when its bloody freezing is hard. Making home a cosy, comforting space during the winter might seem counter-intuitive because wouldn’t that mean you’d never want to leave the warmth? But actually the opposite is true, at least for me. When my home is lovely and welcoming, I feel more positive and optimistic, less distracted, and more enthusiastic. These are all the right ingredients for going out into the cold – because you know that when you get back from your adventure, your cold hands will be warmed up, your hunger will be satiated, and your tired body will be wrapped up cosily in blankets and soft clothes.

Embrace blanket life

I can’t believe there was ever a time when I sat on sofas without a cosy blanket covering at least part of me. Nowadays I can’t relax without one! My favourite blankets are the IKEA Ingabritta ones, which are perfect because the loose-ish weave means you can control how warm they make you by folding it over, or leaving just a single layer. However, I’ve recently taken a step further in my commitment to blankets and now I wear one. I am the proud owner of one of those gigantic blanket hoodies – I couldn’t find the exact one online but this one looks amazing – it has two layers of fabric, so I think it would be even warmer than mine which is saying a lot, because mine is only one layer and its so warm that when I’m wearing it with a pair of fluffy socks, I literally don’t need to put the heating on. It’s the ultimate in cosy and feels like I’m wrapped up in cotton wool – such a great investment for the winter months (unless you run hot, in which case this is literally the worst purchase you could ever make).

Learn some easy, warming recipes

I have a go-to stew recipe that holds a very precious place in my heart because my dad taught me to make it, and we’d eat it frequently throughout the winters of my childhood. It’s incredibly nourishing, easy to make (with loads of leftovers) and just about the best thing ever after a long day. And now as an adult it’s become my favourite thing to make when I need something comforting. If you don’t have a recipe like that – make this the winter that you find one! I have quite a few more than just dad’s stew of course – braised green lentils with mash, daal and rice, tuscan bean soup, cheesy cauliflower pasta, bean chilli with potato wedges… I could go on but wow I’m getting hungry. Anyway my point is, when it’s been cold and miserable and I want to eat something warming and delicious, I have a repertoire of easy, inexpensive meals which all make use of store-cupboard ingredients, that I can cook with my eyes closed and know will turn out just how I want. I wouldn’t classify myself as a talented cook at all – so if I can create a varied rotation of hearty winter dinners, I’m sure other people can too!

Make your own traditions

One of the wonderful things my parents taught me was that festive traditions don’t have to be done by other people first – you can make your own up, and pick and choose which pre-existing ones to follow, based purely on your personal preferences. One of my favourite examples is that we watch Muppets Treasure Island on Christmas Day, because we like it more than Christmas Carol, and another is that my Grandma and Grandad would spend Christmas Day eating turkey sandwiches on the beach with their dog. Homemade bread for the turkey sandwiches (or roast potato sandwiches if you’re me) is another – my dad started that and now James carries it on. A tradition that James and I started is that rather than decorating the tree together, I do it and then ‘reveal’ it to him – it’s a special treat for both of us and creates a festive atmosphere every year. Traditions are a form of social ritual that can feel comforting, but also sometimes restrictive – I think that making up your own creates the perfect balance. James is planning to learn to make pannetone this week – so I’m keeping my fingers crossed it becomes a tradition too!

I hope you enjoyed my tips and ideas, and that you’re feeling a seasonal, festive, and excited for winter! ❄️


My Favourite Home Fragrance Brands For Candles, Wax Mets, And Reed Diffusers

I am OBSESSED with home fragrance products. As far as I’m concerned, it isn’t evening if there aren’t candles going and a gorgeous scent wafting gently though the air, and I have reed diffusers placed strategically so there are different scents in different parts of my home. I’m very sensitive to smells – because of both physiological and mental sensitivities. I have an unusually sensitive sense of smell, but as a result of my neurodivergency, I also tend to notice and be affected by smells more than most people. For a lot of neurodivergent people, any strong smell at all can be overwhelming and unpleasant, but for me, I have really strong reactions both in positive and negative ways. If I don’t like a smell, I can’t think about anything else until it’s gone. If I like a smell? It consumes me in a different way. I NEED to smell it everywhere, all the time.

So when I first discovered that there were all kinds of brilliantly talented, creative independent businesses making glorious home fragrances for me to bathe my home in? I was besotted, and several years later, here we are with a list of my favourites. So, if you’re interested in discovering the results of my ADHD hyperfixation on home fragrance products, read on!

Sandwick Bay Candles*

This brand is particularly close to my heart because they’re from the Outer Hebrides, where my family are from. I’d followed them for years online and desperately wanted to try their products, but kept telling myself I’d wait until I was next on the island to visit their shop. Well, I wish I hadn’t waited. Sandwick Bay sell some of the best wax melts I’ve ever used. The depth and complexity of the scents, the way they bathe an entire room in gorgeous fragrance from just one little melt… it’s incredible. And they’re definitely the most long-lasting melts I’ve ever used – some have kept going for two, sometimes even three evenings before the scent wears out. The candles and reed diffusers are equally as fantastic – but I’ve chosen to focus on the wax melts in this post because otherwise I’d never stop talking. My favourite scents at the moment are Sandalwood & Vanilla, which is so dreamlike and smooth, perfect for cosy evenings, and Seagrass, which is both rejuvenating and relaxing at the same time – utterly enchanting. I’ll definitely do a full post on their products soon so I can go into more detail about them! But for the meantime, you can click here* to shop.

& Chai

The delightfully delicate, yet room-filling fragrances of these soy wax candles are an extraordinary testament to the imagination and creativity of the co-owners of & Chai, Michelle and Louise. With crackling wooden wicks, the hand-poured candles are sold in fully recyclable glass and aluminium jars, with stylishly understated labelling – a gorgeous addition to a coffee table or desk. I’ve tried almost all of their scents, either full-sized or in tealight form and love them all, but here are a few particular favourites. The Isabelle candle is pillow-soft and comforting, with notes of ylang-ylang and vanilla, it’s perfect accompaniment for an afternoon’s work. Duvet Daze is a delicate, creamy, dreamy blend of coconut milk, cinnamon and jasmine, evoking lazy days spent curled up with a book. And Leif is so, so fresh and clean, with a woody, subtle earthiness – the perfect candle for a room full of plants.

St Eval

It’s totally impossible to pick favourites with St Eval – elegant fragrances with a rustic, natural edge. To me their scents evoke a wilderness scene; coming off the windswept moors after gathering fresh botanicals, aromatic plants crushed by cold fingers, releasing the verdant fragrance of foliage, flowers, bark and fruits into the air. St Eval do the best scented tealights you’ll ever find. Tealights have an important role to play when it comes to creating an atmosphere – as they let you dot warm candlelight across a dinner table or all around a room, whilst scenting the space at the same time. I absolutely adore the wild, fresh and green Bergamot and Nettle fragrance, Bay and Rosemary is a poetic herbal fusion, Honeysuckle is pure summer distilled into wax, and I don’t think I’ll ever get over the gloriousness of the Joy scent – mimosa blended with fresh greenery, it’s a work of art that conjures a heady summer garden. And it’s not just tealights of course, they offer their abundant collection of fragrances in so many different mediums, including pillar candles, beautiful stoneware and ceramic candle vessels, and reed diffusers.

Plum & Ashby

This opulent brand holds the great honour of scenting my living room – and has done for over a year, with the SAME reed diffuser. I joked to James the other day that it’s a good job we’re both in love with Plum & Ashby’s gorgeous Wild Fig & Saffron Diffuser because it’s never going to run out! This scent is a work of art – sumptuously sweet saffron and dried fruits, heady, sensual fig and enveloping vanilla, amber and wood, with a touch of leafy greenery and tart blackcurrant. So far this is the only product we’ve tried from Plum & Ashby, but pretty much everything else they make is also on our list – it’s impossible not to crave more when I spend all day everyday inhaling this stunning fragrance and never tiring of it! When I went to find the link on their website I noticed they’d had a rebrand, so naturally I’m painfully tempted to treat myself…

The Botanical Candle Co.

Ohhh what a joy this brand is. I think the picture says a thousand words when it comes to The Botanical Candle Co.’s delightful wax melts – but as wonderful as they look, it’s the fragrance that matters the most. And these fragrances… oh my. So far I’ve tried eight – and every single one has been an utter treat. My favourite at the moment is Tinder Box, which is perfect for cuddling up on the sofa on winter evenings – a sweet woody scent of tobacco leaf, black pepper and vanilla swirled together in a comfortingly cosy, smoky-spicy fragrance. Their floral scents are probably some of the best I’ve ever smelled too, and I love floral scents. Unapologetically heady, sweet and mysterious, Darjeeling and Tea Rose is the most well-balanced rose scent you’ll ever find, whilst Orange Blossom is a flawless ode to the most beautifully scented flower the earth has ever created. Late Summer is another incredible one, although I decided to save the rest of that scent until the summer months so I can enjoy it in the manner in which it was intended. With a scent of cut grass and petrichor, combined with the verdant freshness of bergamot and vetiver, sweetened by geranium and deepened by sandalwood, it’s literally August distilled into wax.

I hope you enjoyed me waxing lyrical about home fragrances, and are feeling inspired to give some new ones a try! Hopefully you’ll find a few new favourites 🤍

The Best Wax Melt and Oil Burners For Every Home

I’m one of those annoying people who is super picky but wants EVERYTHING. Every time I go looking for something I want to buy I’ll get a very specific idea in my mind of what I want, search for hours for that one exact thing, and then wonder why I can’t find it. This habit was thrown into a particularly strong light when I was looking for a wax melt burner – I ordered some wax melts and they were sitting in the cupboard for weeks before I actually managed to find a suitable vessel to burn them in! I trawled every corner of the internet, and after I’d found my perfect one, I realised it had actually been really difficult to find a wax burner that matched my style.While there was nothing wrong with the ones that turned up on the Google shopping page, they just didn’t suit my home. I just knew that since my wax burner was going to be sitting on my coffee table, if I didn’t make the effort to get it right the first time, I’d just end up buying another one (and another one after that probably).

ANYWAY, all that to say I came across a TONNE of gorgeous wax melt and oil burners while I was on my hunt for the perfect one for me – and I thought I’d share them all here, to hopefully make the search easier for other people – so I hope you find one you love! I’ve split them into four sections – handmade, luxe-look, niche designs and electric – because those made the most sense to me, but (obviously) I encourage you to look through them all. Happy burning – and remember to protect your surfaces and never leave a burner unattended!

(Please note – affiliate links are marked with an asterisk*)

Handmade Perfection

These beautiful pieces of art are made by skilled artisans – they’re a little more expensive but that’s to be expected, and I think they’re worth every penny to own a unique piece that someone has poured their love, skill and passion into.

Cottagecore Dreaminess – Fairy House Handmade Ceramic Burner* (£27)

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this stunning burner. It makes me want to move into a crooked witchy cottage, with dried herbs hanging from the rafters and a black cat sleeping on a sunny windowsill. You’d definitely have to make wax melts using flowers you grew yourself to show this wonderful creation the respect it deserves! Or not – anyway, I am completely in love with this Fairy House Ceramic Wax Melt Burner* by the incredibly talented potter Sallyamoss* and think it’s an utter bargain at £27. Click here* to buy!

Industrial Chic – Handmade Copper Pipe Wax Melt And Oil Burner* (£29)

If you’ve ever been to my house you will have had to sit through me enthusiastically telling you about my coffee table. I made it by hand with my dad before he died, and it’s a beautiful maple plank tabletop finished with clear matt varnish, and copper pipe frame and legs, which I cut and soldered myself. It is such a proud achievement, and it also reminds me of my dad whenever I look at it. So when I saw this burner I squeaked a little – can you imagine how perfectly this copper pipe burner would look on a coffee table with copper pipe legs?! I actually came across this one after I had already ordered the one I have now so I had to resist, but I won’t lie, part of me is hoping my own wax burner meets with an *ahem* terrible accident so I can buy this Handmade Copper Pipe Burner* made by rcoppercreations* as a replacement. It costs £29, and you can click here* to buy!

Cosy Scandi Perfection – Handmade Mountain Wax Melt and Oil Burner* (£34)

I think this is such a cute yet sleek burner. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of wintertime cosiness and comfort without interrupting the flow of a stylish, modern home. I adore the design – when a candle is lit inside it looks like snow-capped mountains glowing in the sunset light, isn’t that lovely? It’s quite tall and slim, so it’ll fit in really nicely with a pre-existing display on a coffee table (or wherever you plan to keep yours). And you can choose from two colours for your mountains, plus you have an option to add some of The Candle Bothy‘s amazing selection of vegan wax melts (click here* to check out the scents) which makes this a great choice for a gift too! The price starts at £34 and increases if you buy the wax melts, and you can click here* to buy!

Pottery Perfection – Hand Thrown Wax Melt And Oil Burner* (£17.99)

I’m super impressed by this one because I was in a potter’s shop a couple of months ago, and she was struggling so much to make her own burners from hand-thrown pottery. She was finding it impossible to stop the hole from warping in the kiln. Because of that, when I came across this gorgeous piece by mother and daughter team Emandmceramics* I was amazed! It’s absolutely beautiful isn’t it? And takes such skill! This beautiful burner is ideal for anyone who love to incorporate organic shapes and natural finishes in their home. Click here* to buy it for £17.99! They also have a fully glazed version with a beautiful speckled finish that you can check out here*.

Elegantly Luxurious

This section features beautiful, refined options for stylish home dwellers. Not to confuse you, but these enchanting burners aren’t super expensive, so don’t lose hope – the aesthetic concept of ‘luxe’ doesn’t always come with a premium price point.

Practical and perfect – M&S Oil And Wax Melt Burner* (£12.50)

I’m really impressed with the clean lines and understated elegance of this burner by marks and sparks. The brass holder adds such a lovely, subtle gleam to your home setup, while the ceramic dish will be easy to clean and take care of. This burner also comes with a small vial of calmingly scented oil so you can get going right away (assuming you didn’t do what I did and buy a million melts before you even started shopping for a burner). Click here* to buy for £12.50!

Scandinavian Chic – Nordic Wax Melt Burner* (£24.99)

This is another simple, subtle yet impactful design that I absolutely love. I can think of so many different home styles where this would fit in perfectly! It has a kind of satisfying look to it I think – a sweet little cube with a strong, elegant identity. Another one where I’m not-so-secretly wishing I had a need for a second burner, sigh. Click here* to buy for £24.99!

Marine-ly Interesting – Coral Oil Burner (£20)

This is such a beautiful piece of homeware-meets-art from John Lewis. I love the subtle intricate design and understated stylishness. Do note however, that this is only for oils, not wax. I honestly don’t know what the difference is – my guess is it’s either to do with cleaning it, or something to do with the heat required for the waxes and oils being different. If you prefer oils, this is an absolutely gorgeous choice for something a little unusual, but undeniably elegant. Click here to buy for £20.

Simply Stylish – Concrete Oil Burner (£18)

If elegant is what you like, I don’t think you can do better than this stunning oil burner from John Lewis. Polished brass and white concrete create such a clean, refined aesthetic. Again this one is only for oils but I think I know why this time – cleaning wax off brass is quite difficult, I have a brass dish myself and it needs a lot of attention to get the wax deposits off! It’s best to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions, especially when it involves heating stuff up. Anyway, that aside, this burner would look incredibly sleek in so many different room styles – it’ll perfectly match a minimal aesthetic, but will easily hold its own in a busier room. Click here to buy for £18.

Palmately Playful – Paradise Pink Ceramic Oil Burner (£15.50)

My own oil burner is from Oliver Bonas, so I really rate them. Sadly mine is no longer available otherwise it would be taking centre stage in this blog post, but this is a wonderful alternative! I love the fun palm leaf design and the millennial pink – this would look amazing in any super-cool, personality-filled space. Again this is oils only, again I’m not sure why, but still, I encourage you to follow the instructions. Click here to buy for £15.50 – it’s on sale!

A Little Niche

This probably sounds like a weird section to have, but one thing I found while I was trawling the internet was that there were loads of amazing, but very specific, burner designs out there – ones that would absolutely make the right person’s day if they happened upon them at the right time. I absolutely love the creativity and variety of the burner world. So here are some of the best!

She Shells Sea Sells – Nautical Wax And Oil Burner* (£12.99)

Whoever started the trend for nautical themed bathrooms is a very clever person indeed. Those spaces always feel so clean, serene and comfortable. And if you know someone who has a bathroom like that – you know this is the perfect gift, right? Or if you’re lucky enough to live by the sea and thus perhaps have other rooms with a nautical theme, this is definitely the one for you. Click here* to buy for £12.99!

Sweet As Honey – Bumble Bee Wax Melt Burner* (£12)

Isn’t this the cutest thing ever?! Anyone who loves bees, lives in the countryside or has curated a country-chic look in their home will adore this. I can just picture how lovely it would look with the glow from the candle shimmering through the little holes, making it look like a busy, buzzing beehive. Simply adorable. Click here* to buy for £12!

Grey Home Perfection – Geometric Ceramic Wax Melt Burner* (£7.99)

I admire people who know how to make a grey colour scheme work in a room. I think if I tried that it would end up looking like the life had been sucked out of everything, but I’ve seen some amazingly dynamic looking grey spaces, and I think this is the perfect option for those rooms. The pattern provides interest while the bold contrast between the greys carries the theme wonderfully. Click here* to buy for £7.99!

A Little Prickly – Cactus Wax Melt Burner* (£9+)

Anyone with houseplants, frankly, NEEDS this in their life. If I had even a single iota of space left then I would have had to buy this one, to sit alongside my real cacti – but unfortunately several of my plants have recently produced babies and I have literally nowhere to put anything else. This burner is so cute I can’t even come up with anything to say about it, I’m just obsessed. If you’re a plant lover yourself I’d wager you feel the same way, and if you’re looking for a gift for a plant parent? This is your sign – you’ve found the perfect present. The lovely shop that sells this set is called Lost+Fond and they have a gorgeous selection of wax melts to go along with the burner – I’m particularly tempted by neroli + rosewood. Click here* to buy – the price starts at £9!

Rustic Country Chic – Vintage Style Oil Burner* (£7.50)

The ultimate burner for any rustic country abode (or anyone who wants to foster that eclectic, cosy feeling in a more modern home). I love how sweet these are, and being fully glazed means they’re easy to keep clean too! Click here* to buy for £7.50

Home Is Where The Candles Are – House Wax Melt Burner* (£16)

Another beautiful item sold by Lost+Fond, this burner would be the perfect present for someone who’s just bought their first home, especially if the house looks similar to the design of the burner. It’s got such a cosy aesthetic, and I think the red one would be absolutely perfect for a festive display on a coffee table. Click here* to buy for £16, and you get to choose a gorgeous wax melt too.

Electric Burners

This is a type of burner I didn’t really pay much mind to initially, because I live for candlelight. But I still came across a few really lovely ones on my searches, so decided to share!

Forest Fantasies – Woodland Wall Plug-In Wax Melt And Oil Burner (£12)

I am obsessed with Honey Bee Home‘s amazing range of homeware – if you follow me on instagram you’ll have seen me raving about my stunning velvet pumpkins, which I got from them last month. I love this design of plug-in burner, and the soft, low light it emits is perfect for anyone who – like me – prefers to live a candlelight-bathed life. Click here to buy for £12.50!

Compactly Cute – Pewter & Walnut Electric Burner* (£26.95)

I love how unassuming yet beautiful this burner is! It would look so, so cute on a side table, and its small size means it’s ideal for cramped or cosy spaces. I love the sophisticated, refined look of the dark wood and metal together. Click here* to buy for £26.99.

Rose Gold Loveliness – Ceramic Brushed Grey Electric Warmer* (£26.99)

The same compact shape as the walnut one above, but a totally different aesthetic, this little burner has a sweeter, prettier appearance – I think it would look lovely on a dressing table. Click here* to buy for £26.99!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration in this post! Thanks so much for reading.