Review: Sukin Organic Rose Hip Oil

I finished my previous rose hip seed oil a few weeks ago, and decided to try out a new one. Ok so this one was on offer, which may have swayed my decision, but it looked really good! Also, the spray pump on the old one was really annoying me towards the end because it would spurt out all over the place, and when it works properly it dispenses wayyyy more than the couple of drops you actually need. That being said, it was a really good oil and I’d still recommend it – plus its pretty much the cheapest out there. So anyway, this 100% organic Sukin Rose Hip Oil has been on my face for about two weeks now, and I’m loving it.


Sukin talk a lot about their sustainability, which is great. This oil is carbon neutral, and comes from Chile, which I thought was interesting because so does the other oil I used, and this one is totally different. Maybe its a different type of rose. This one is much richer, and golden in colour, which I love. It feels so luxurious.



The first time I first dropped some onto my hand I was expecting it to feel greasy when I rubbed it in because it was so thick, but it absorbed beautifully! In fact, it absorbed better than the other one, but that might be because I used the proper amount, 2-3 drops, whereas I must’ve been using 5-6 before. Its cool though, because my skin is just as soft as it was before even though I’m using less! It’s cold pressed which means the nutrients are all preserved, which is great.


I realise I don’t have the nicest hands in the world. Just be glad they aren’t dry as well as wrinkly. Anyway here you can see the lovely colour. I love this stuff. The pipette really is the best way of dispensing it and I’ve noticed my complexion has been much brighter these past few weeks (though there might be another reason too…more on that later). In conclusion, love this oil, highly recommend! Sukin seen like a lovely company as well.


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